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SPECIAL ISSUE: Towards a New Understanding of Psychosis


Innhold #5 2007

Psychosis and the Mission of Professional Psychology An-Magritt Aanonsen
Towards a New Understanding of Psychosis Roger Hagen, Torkil Berge, Rolf W. Grwe
The New Psychology and Treatment of Psychosis Richard P. Bentall
Assessment in Psychosis Emmanuelle R. Peters
Social Phobia and Depression in Psychosis Maria Michail, Max Birchwood
Auditory Hallucinations Peter Kinderman
Negative Symptoms and Formal Thought Disorder: Cognitive Characterization and Therapy Neal Stolar, Paul Grant
Techniques in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Using Normalising in Schizophrenia Robert Dudley, Caroline Bryant, Katherine Hammond, Ronald Siddle, David Kingdon, Douglas Turkington
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Early Intervention Jean Addington, Enza Mancuso, Maria Haarmans
Responding Mindfully to Distressing Voices: Links with Meaning, Affect and Relationship with Voice Paul Chadwick, Emily Barnbrook, Katherine Newman-Taylor
Implementing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis: Issues and Solutions Tania Lecomte, Claude Leclerc
Integrating the Family in the Treatment of Psychotic Disorders William R. McFarlane
Psychological Interventions to Improve Work Outcomes for People with Psychiatric Disabilities Morris D. Bell, Jimmy Choi, Paul Lysaker
Current Evidence on Integrated Treatment for Serious Mental Disorder and Substance Misuse David J. Kavanagh, Kim T. Mueser
The Psychology of Bipolar Disorders Sara Tai
Cognitive Theory and Therapy of Bipolar Disorders Jan Scott
Understanding Recovery from Psychosis: A Growing Body of Knowledge Jean Pierre Wilken
Staying Well after Psychosis: A Cognitive Interpersonal Approach to Emotional Recovery and Relapse Prevention Andrew Gumley